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We Help You Convert Website Visitors into Customers

We Help You Convert Website Visitors into Customers

We Help You Convert Website Visitors into Customers

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If its not consistently generating leads, there's no clear message how you can solve a problem or make their life better.

Here's why.  Prospective customers come to your website because they want to do business with you. 
1. Is your Website Killing your Networking?

2. What is your Website's Attention Ratio and why is it Important?

Does this sound familiar?  You faithfully grab a handful of business cards, put on your best smile and head to one or two networking meetings each week.  Your elevator pitch is smooth and your fellow networkers know it well enough to say it with you.  You have one on one meetings regularly, always try to refer them when you have an opportunity and know they do the same for you, but you are not getting customers.
It may very well be that your website is killing your networking efforts to convert leads.  Take the 5 Second Test and see if your website passes or fails.
The 5 Second Test
Find someone who is not familiar with your business and show them your website for 5 seconds.  Remove the screen from their view and ask them:

(1) What does my company offer?
(2) How will it  make your life better or solve a problem?
(3) What is the next step to purchase or get started?

Odds are they will not find the answers.

What they will find is:
Your website is a perfect place for "Less Is More".
I recently watched a movie about the life of Steven Jobs.  He started Apple in his garage.   They created the Apple 1 and then the Apple 2 and then the ill fated Lisa.
Was there something wrong with the product?  No, there was something wrong with the marketing.
Steve Jobs took out a 9 page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal describing the amazing technical features of the new Lisa computer.  

It cost him his job when the computer turned out to be a failure.
He left Apple to run Pixar, a company creating animated movies.  There he learned how to tell a story which grabs attention and holds interest.
When he returned to Apple, his first advertisement was once again placed in the Wall Street Journal for the world to read.
It contained 2 words:
You know how the Apple story went from there.
Did your website fail the 5 Second Test?  Is it time to start having your website convert website visitors to customers?  If so, the BrandDistill was created just for you.
Its time your website started working with your networking, not against it.

Attention Ratio compares the number of the things you can do on a given page to the number of things you should be doing.


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